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Africa demanding more mining tech, new solutions offered

The demand for mine planning solutions is on the rise in Africa, with mining solutions developer Maptek Africa GM Nick Venter noting that there is particular interest in new technology that can be integrated with current systems.

Improved geology function advances mine planning

Adding the GeoLogic software solution to the MineSight mine planning suite provides geologists with smart, time-saving modelling and allows for a reproducible, auditable geological model that can be quickly updated with new information, says mining technology developer Hexagon Mining.

Mine planning software a must for modern miners

In the face of numerous technical challenges, as well as the overall drive to reduce mining costs and improve efficiency amid commodity price volatility, miners globally can no longer afford to operate without using modern analytical, modelling, simulation and optimisation software, says mining software solutions provider MICROMINE technical product manager Frank Bilki.

Huge tech rewards for SA opencast mines, but underground operations lag behind

The adoption of new technology, aimed at improving operational efficiency and lowering costs, is driving the future of the resources sector globally. However, South Africa’s deep-level underground platinum and gold mining sectors, with their unique challenges, have proven to be slower in adopting new technologies.

Mines will need to embrace technology or risk ‘sterilising resources’

The mining industry has to change the way its works in order to survive, but the geology of SA’s deposits makes a quick fix challenging.

Reviving king of gold means getting mine workers off their knees

During his early years as a miner in South Africa, Joas Mahanuque spent six hours a day on his knees drilling for Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd.

Machines ‘can save mine jobs’

Chamber of Mines vice-president Neal Froneman says expensive, labour-intensive mining methods could result in job losses if smart new machines are not introduced.

Chamber of Mines claims new technology needed to extend life of mines

It is possible to extend the lives of existing mines, was one of the messages conveyed by Neal Froneman, vice president, Chamber of Mines, while giving a glimpse of the future of mining to the media at the Investing in African Mining Indaba in Cape Town.

Mechanisation essential for mining's survival

Innovation is important for the future of mining, especially in South Africa. While the country sits with abundant resources - the richest deposits in the world as per a Citibank report - if these cannot be mined economically (and safely) then it will all come to naught for the mining companies, labour, unions, investors and the country.